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    The MMA’s mission is to enable marketers to drive innovation and enduring business value in an increasingly dynamic mobile and connected world.

    The interaction between consumers and brands has been forever changed by the revolution that is, mobile. This marketing and communications insurgency we have all experienced is about to further explode with the future of 5G, AI, and other emerging technologies.

    The MMA helps marketers lead this imperative for marketing change – in ways that #ShapeThe Future? and drive business growth today.

    MMA Strategic Leaders Program

    The MMA Strategic Leaders Program is the highest-tier of MMA membership for companies wishing to establish an advanced global thought leadership position across the marketing industry. The program works to build stronger, more direct relationships between suppliers and brands by creating access points across the MMA Boards and general MMA Membership (bringing together sellers and buyers).

    Four Key Components

    1. Board Participation

    Over 25 CMOs
    Close to $40B in media spend
    Over 50 major marketers
    Comprised of 30+ industries

    2. Exposure and Access to MMA Marketer Members

    Nearly 50% are marketers
    Over $72B in media spend

    3. Industry Leadership of an
    MMA Institute

    Found and lead one of the MMA Institutes. This is a unique opportunity to build and frame the immediate future of marketing for a specific topic. The MMA team will work closely with you to design a robust year-long agenda that develops a critical learning journey, specific tools/resources and educational programs for marketers.

    • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
    • 5G
    • Out-of-Home
    • Blockchain
    • Attribution
    • Brand Safety
    • Mobile Fraud
    • Cloud Based Marketing Platforms
    • Programmatic
    • Video
    • RCS
    • Apps
    • Shopper Marketing
    • Games
    • Rewarded Video
    • Audio
    • Connected TV
    • Voice
    • Data
    • Creative Effectiveness
    • AR/VR

    Only one company per Institute.

    4. Thought Leadership and Branding at MMA Flagship Events

    Marketers who attended MMA events in 2018 spend $100B on media
    Over 50% of the attendees at MMA events are marketers
    At the exclusive
    CEO & CMO Summit, 75% of attendees are C-Level / Presidents / GMs / EVPs

    For more information, email [email protected].